The International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA) is a non-profit organization open to professional biologists, wildlife managers and others dedicated to the conservation of all bear species in the world. The organization has over 550 members from over 50 countries.

The eight bear species of the world pose significant research and management challenges to governments, local authorities, wildlife biologists, land managers, park personnel, tribal councils, and private landowners. The public sometimes endures hardships caused by bears; the public also highly values bears and wants them to survive. Management responsibility for bears and their habitats rests with numerous national and local agencies and councils. Encroaching civilization, often involving land-use conflicts, competition for resources, and overexploitation by humans, has resulted in the decline or disappearance of bear habitat and bear populations in portions of their ranges.

Continued viability of populations will be largely contingent upon a cooperative approach towards research, management, land use, and education. As the pre-eminent professional organization focused on bears, IBA supports the scientific management and conservation of all bear species through research, distribution of scientific information, and fostering professional connections among its members through conferences and workshops.